│░ Exams ░│



As examinations are coming near
Our minds are trembling with fear
We start thinking as to why
Didn't we study throughout the year

In June our year starts
We refresh our little hearts
As July and August pass
We study for time-pass

In September-October flowers bloom
We pass our time sleeping in the room
November and December bring cold
The books become too heavy to hold

January and February are bright and pleasant
We keep ourselves busy in enjoyment
But as March comes marching
We panic and for our books we start searching
So as exams come near
We start worrying with fear

هناك 5 تعليقات:

  1. شدوا حيلكم في الامتحان

  2. مرحبآآآ أخي ^_^
    إن شاء الله
    وشكراً لك على المرور :)

  3. ههههه الله يوفقكم في امتحاناتكم..

  4. وآآآآخيراً خلصنا من امتحانات .. كان اسبوع فضيع.. لكن الحمد الله مرت على خير ..ياهووووو عندنا اجازة اسبوع..^_^

  5. هههههههههههههههههه
    صدق والله
    والمشكلة نعرف اننا بنظغط في النهايه لكن مانتوب >>>الاخت شاطره بكره امتحان وهي تلعب وتلفلف خخخخخ
    بالتوفيق ^_^