About Me


Well what can I say about me that I didn't say before?!
I guess you can say that I am Little kawaii girl and I am friendly with everyone .... ^_^
I love watching and Translation anime and Manga, also I like make graphics.

  • Location: Abu Dhabi ~ U.A.E
  •  Job: Student
  •  Gander: Female
  •  Interests: anime and manga, Movies, Computers,playing video games, PhotoShop, Drawing, reading books and kawaii things.
  • Favorite anime: Kodomo no Omocha, Hime-chan no Ribbon, Miracle Girls...more
  • Favorite Manga: Immortal Rain, Akuma to Love Song, Koukou Debut, Fruits Basket and mangas for Ayumi Shiina..more
  • Favorite Drama:  Life, My Boss My Hero, My Girl, 1 liter of tears, attack-no-1, full houe, Dear Students, Liar Game..more
  • Favorite Books: Diary of Wimpy Kid, Novels Jane Austen, Agatha Christie and Charles Dickens
  • Operating System: window 7
  • Artist Quote: "TO Be Or Not To Be" for William Shakespeare